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When going back and reading what I wrote it looks like I have some corrections.

When you read you will see that I'm upside down $.10.000 the trailer when we bought it was only worth $18,000 how they got the bank to buy it for $30.000 is crazy all the bank goes by is like a blue book for a car but they have one for travel trailers and a hole lot of B.S. from the manager.

Original review posted by user Dec 19, 2015

We have tried for the last 6 months to get rid of this piece junk travel trailer, we have never bought a travel trailer, we looked at a trailer and they would not let us out, it had a for sale sign for $22.000 with out us knowing they raised it to $30.000 and before we knew it BAM they had it through the bank and some how they bought it. We got a 2013 pacific coach works tango 26 feet all steel frame the bottom is not coverd its rated a ZERO it does not hold heat in the winter and does not hold in the cool air in the summer we have to have the heat on 24/7 in the winter, air-conditioning 24/7 in the summer, they knew we were new at this we had no idea we needed an all season trailer so we tried to get rid of it and get one we can live in, but they got us so bad we are $10.000 upside why did they do this to us we both are disabled i have no discs in my lower back my wife is real close to leukemia, YES THEY KNEW ALL ABOUT OUR DISABILITYS, and the money we get from disability as you can imagine is not a *** of a lot, and you would think they would make it right with us but we have tried and tried, i dont know what do you do in a situation like this?

I want to take them to court but at $200 an hour its real hard. Listen, I want to give out my email and maybe someone has an idea for us to get out of this mess, we can't take it anymore.

Before I give out my e mail I'll wait and see what happens. Maybe if someone reads this and cares and you may have some good information for us.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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This is a complete mystery to me, as I cannot understand how a person such as yourself, who seems to be semi literate and also on disability benefits, can afford to buy a $30,000 RV. Many people who are working could not afford that and, if they could, could not afford the time to take off work to go RV'ing in the first place.


Contact Trailer Life Magazine. The RV magazines carry a lot of weight in the RV industry. Good Luck !

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