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We purchased our new 2018 Grand Design Solitude 373FB in May of 2018. Upon our arrival to do our pdi, we were met with a fresh and still wet repair on the back passenger side top and corner of the tpo rubber roof.

When we asked what was under the wrong caulking that was used instead of the correct sealant we were told nothing. When we demanded that they put the correct sealant on this very large repair, and when they remove the wrong caulking to do so, to let us see what they had tried to secretly repair and hide from us, they assured us they would let us see what was under that large repair. They lied, they refused to let us see the voids and separations from the tpo and the rear cap, that had been left unresolved since it had arrived from the manufacture on approximately January 16, 2018. That means water was allowed to intrude into those large voids and separations for the entire time in Oregon’s rainy season and up until the day we arrived in mid May of 2018.

Then they promised to remove all of the rust that totally covered the frame, undercarriage, leaf springs, inside of wheels, axels, pin box, etc. the other defects are to many to mention here, but a few are, the defective grey tank flooded the belly 2 days after our pdi, the grey tank also started backing up into the master bathroom plumbing, and flooding the master bathroom and bedroom. Upon waking in the middle of the night and not knowing the grey tank was flooding the inside of those rooms, when I got up to go to the bathroom in the dark, I slipped in the water and fell hitting my head, hurting my back, and my neck. When we told our service advisor who just happens to be a pathological lier, and he promised to get it and the grey tank repaired.

He is a pathological liar. He told us he ordered parts from Grand Design on June 6, 2018, then kept lying to us saying they were coming, then we called Grand Design and we were told the only part ever ordered by our lying service advisor was a grey tank ordered on July 6, 2018, a month later than he had said he ordered it. The master bathroom plumbing continues to back up onto the flooring. The electrical is defective and an extreme fire hazzard, the light all flicker when we use the water pump and turn on any water faucet in the rv and even when we flush the toilets, at the same time the battery levels in the control panel flashes at the same time, we are connected to 50 amp shore power during all of this.

The electrical burned out the thermostat and heating element in the new clothes dryer instantly, we were told by the dryer company that we have to low of voltage coming through our wiring and it will burn those out to prevent a fire. I can go on about this dealership, there are many many more defects with our rv, but I would like to also let the buyers beware of any paperwork you sign with this dealership, they threatened us into signing fraudulent paperwork, threatening that if we did not they would throw us out of their parking lot without our money or any rv, where they had asked us to stay so they could supposedly do all of the many repairs, replacements, etc that never took place. We are both disabled senior citizens, they have taken total advantage of us, they will lie about anything and everything, to make a sale. They stole from us, they threatened us numerous times, they lied to us repeatedly thinking we we believed

them, which we did not.

They scammed us with false figures on the sales contract, they forced us to sign fraudulent contracts and documents.

When we had tired of living with all of their lies, while nothing was being repaired, replaced, etc, after 3 1/2 months of living in their parking lot in our new rv at their request to do so, we hired a lemon lawyer, then they kicked us off of their parking lot, and refused to honor any of our warranty or any of the repairs replacements etc that they had lied continually about for the entire 3 1/2 months. Stay away from this fraudulent lying dealership, take your money to a reputable dealer like Camping World.

Product or Service Mentioned: 2018 Grand Design Rv Solitude 373Fb Rv.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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Is the service advisors name Nathan by any chance? Sounds exactly like the former service advisor for Sunset RV in Buckley!

In fact several of the customers up there nick named him Nathan the liar!

Sorry you're having so many problems. Sucks to have the problems and then be treated that way.

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