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We consigned our motor home with them in August, 2015. Since they placed such a large price on it, it did not sell and we requested it back at the end of the 90-day contract. When we received it back, it was in terrible condition. We left messages for Jim Hardy who is a manager to call back and then e-mailed Winnie Anderson, the Sales Manager with this complaint and we did not receive any responses back. This is what was written in the e-mail:

"First of all, the coach was very filthy and the wind shied wiper was broke (see attached pictures with the driver) which was not the condition that it was in when we consigned it with Paul Evert's. We took pictures while there by the pilot gas station when it was returned to us on November 16, 2015. I also looked into the engine compartment and noticed there was a honey-like substance in the overflow jar from the radiator and Matt, the driver, said that was just overflow of radiator fluid. Then when I started to drive the coach, the transmission information on the dashboard was changing from one gear to another which concerned me driving the coach so I called our local mechanic who has completed most of the maintenance on our coach since we purchased it in 2010, Dave at Oregon Light Truck & RV at 541-830-8005, to see if I could bring the rig in there as did not want to even drive it home in that condition. Thankfully, they just had a cancellation so I could drive it to their shop also in Central Point, Oregon. I received a call from Dave the following day that there was water in the transmission and was not showing any transmission fluid on the dipstick. He told us that the Allison transmission along with the radiator needed to be replaced. My question is, if you are driving the coach long distances to Sparks, NV from Coburg, OR where you had it at a show, why wouldn't you check the fluid levels before you make such a trip or return from the trip? Also why would you allow a driver to drive a coach with a broken driver's side windshield wiper in increment weather as you can see from the attached pictures of the muddy condition of the coach that we took with the driver on the day it was delivered back to us, November 16, 2015? Thankfully, we have Good Sam insurance to cover the cost of the radiator and the new transmission except for items not covered and for the deductible part of the insurance. We would like for you to call Dave at Oregon Light Truck & RV at 541-830-8005 to inquire of the mechanical and overall condition of the coach when we received it back from you and immediately took it to the repair shop on November 16, 2015.

We believe that your company did not properly maintain the vehicle in proper working order while it was in your possession especially traveling with the coach long distances like to Sparks, NV and wherever else you might have taken it to the sales shows. Therefore, we feel you should be held accountable for the out-of-pocket costs of repairing the coach. What do you feel is fair in this situation?

Please respond as soon as possible as we hope this can be settled in a timely manner. Marty [sales person we dealt with to consign the coach] indicated that he would have a manager which we assume would be you to give me a call."

This e-mail has not been answered nor the phone messages that were left asking them to call us. We also noticed since this e-mail that the wiring loom is hanging on the floor as the GPS power cord that was in the motor home when it was consigned it was taken out along with the GPS and so our radio does not work either.

Our actual out-of-pocket costs so far are $1,000 which we feel that Paul Evert's should be responsible to pay since they had possession on our motor home when these problems occurred.

Everything worked on our motor home when we consigned it with them. Then after getting it back, it needed a new Allison transmission, a new radiator, new hoses, other items associated with the cooling system and transmission where some of these things are not covered under the Good Sam insurance. Since these repairs we have discovered that our radio does not work which was working when we consigned it and our hot water heater does not work and it was also working when we consigned it with them. Also someone put something in the microwave which shouldn't have been put in there and they unplugged it as it was probably smoking or whatever so it was not working either.

Reviewer is in unhappy mood. This person stated that there is a room for improvement of how they treated our motor home while on consignment with them. Please immediately contact the author of this review to discuss damaged or defective of paul everts rv country rv consignment and associated monetary loss in the amount of $1000. Paul Everts Rv needs to "we want them to pay the $1,000 in repairs that insurance did not cover so far for the damages they did to our coach in their possession plus other repairs still needed which we do not have a dollar figure yet" according to poster's claims.

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Honestly it sounds like someone took it for a test drive and really dogged the *** out of it just to make sure it was in strong condition. But also what could of happened is that they took what they needed off of your Rv and fixed 1 of there own.

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