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My wife and I have been to this show last season and again today. Until today every salesperson we met was highly professional, knowledgeable, and courteous.

After speaking to a sales person today another one approached us getting out of his golf cart. We told him we had just spoken to someone and were looking around but didn't think we were ready to buy, whereupon he asked in a sarcastic tone, "Are you waiting till you get younger?" so we turned our backs and walked away. He yelled after us, " I hope you make up your mind before you're dragging oxygen tanks!". We kept on walking and looked at different models.

A few minutes later, when we were exiting an RV, he drove up again shouting in an aggressive rhetorical tone with a phsical confrontation stature to back it up, "Have you thought about what I said?" We decided to leave at that point, in an effort to confront us again, he drove to the exit to block our path, so we changed direction and left through an open space.

Not a good experience. We will be avoiding Paul Everts RV Sales Events from here on in.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

I didn't like: Nasty salesperson.

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6/2016- We also went to an RV show at Legends in Sparks and were met by a young salesman named Tanner, who worked for Paul Everts as soon as we got out of our Cadillac. Boy did they see us coming.

He was more than eager to make a sale. This was our first time buying an RV and we ended up buying a 2016 Evergreen "Amped" toy hauler. One of the selling points was a "tankless" hot water heater. So we signed on the dotted line and, our first clue as to what kind of company we were buying from should have been the "NO BUYERS REMORSE" waiver we had to sign.

So we were told to pick it up a,week layer so they could get it ready for us. We made an appointment at 10:00 AM exactly a week later to pick it up. We live 2 and a half hours away from Sparks so as we were pulling into the Legends parking lot at exactly 10:00 AM my cell phone rings. It was Tanner making sure we were going to be there at 10 to pick up our unit.

This should have been the second clue as to what kind of company we were dealing with. So we get to our unit and it's no where near ready to be picked up. The technician tells us that if we had other things to do, he could have it ready for us in an hour and a half. So we went and had lunch and walked around Legends.

2 hours later we went back and it STILL wasn't ready to do our walk through. They were working on at least 20 units that were sold at the RV show and only had 2 technicians. Our tech still had to finish work on the inside of oyr unit and install a leveling bar, then do our walk through. So 5 hours later he did a half *** walk through and we were finally ready to take it home.

So we get it home and start discovering everything that wasn't working on it. A call to Tanner the salesman was useless because he said he'd ask a technician and get back to us....he never did. A call to Paul Everts in Bullhead City was the same. This should have been our third clue.

They basically want nothing to do with you once they've made the sale. We have friends who also bought at an RV show at Legends in Sparks 6 months earlier. At the time we bought our unit we were not aware that they also bought from Paul Everts. They also bought the same make and model we bought and they are having the same issues.

So fast forward to a month and a half after we bought our RV and we find out that EVERGREEN, the manufacturer of our unit has gone out of business. A call to Paul Everts was put in and they say they can't honor the warranty because "they can't recoup the money they put in for the warranty work". So basically we're screwed!!!!! PAUL EVERTS RV IS A BUNCH OF CROOKS!

!!!! There has to be some kind of class action lawsuit that can be brought against them...along with EVERGREEN.

to Anonymous #1547000

New to the business in RV manufacturing at the time, I worked at Evergreen & us employees took pride in our work. I know I can speak for my former coworkers in saying "it sucks knowing a consumer had/has issues with are units" not like we had any say in anything..there is a current class action lawsuit from us former employees against Evergreen..we got screwed over too...again I apologize for your issues..some of us out there do care in quality not quantity

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